A trip to the Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is absolutely gorgeous, a hidden gem hidden in the industrial Alexandria. The 1800 square metre boasts a beautiful cafe, the potting shed restaurant, plenty of gardens, communal tables and stalls. But get there as early as possible to avoid the crowds and the prams, and get a table quick, otherwise you might have to wait an hour. 

At the cafe, try the breakfast burger - Bacon, fried egg, avocado, lettuce, cheese, tomato relish and smoky mayo on a brioche bun with a side of polenta chips or if you're looking for something on the sweeter side, the caramelised french toast with fresh buffalo curd, star anise poached pear and salted pecans is sure to be a hit.

At the Potting Shed restaurant, the favourite is the pumpkin fatteh (pictured above). Although its listed under salads its anything but, a smear of labne is topped with half a sweet caramelised pumpkin and flat bread, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, zataar and a drizzle of sweet honey. If you're looking for something to share with a cocktail, go for the hot smoked trout tacos, the cheese croquettes or the Mediterranean steamed black mussels. 

Whilst you're there, pick up a bunch of the gorgeous flowers or grab some nutella balls for the trip home!

Enjoy xx