Unmasking the truths behind ED's.

By Emma Demar

During my struggle and recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, I realised that a large portion of the population truly has some deep-seated misperceptions about the disorder. Some think it's a choice to get skinny, that it's "glamorous" or that it only affects one type of person. In reality, no one can choose to get an Eating Disorder, it's far from "glamorous" and the illness can affect anyone at anytime. 

My hope is that we can begin to shed light on society at large on the truths of ED's. I know that personally, I am still offended when I hear people saying things like "oh, she's so Ano" or "I want to be Ano SO bad." For someone who has been hospitalized for the disorder and knows how truly grueling and life-threatening it can be, I almost want to shake these people and let them know that they have no idea what they are talking about. 

I am a recent graduate from Fordham University with my MSW, and my mission is to work with those struggling with ED's. I also have a blog where I seek to shed light on the illness and use bits of my struggle and recovery story as inspiration to others. It's so important that those who have been personally affected by this illness speak out and shed truth on the severity of the disease, because it must be taken seriously and spoken about as a life or death situation. Because it is. Eating Disorders are not a choice. But recovery, spreading truth and helping others is.

Editor's Note: Thank you so much Emma for sharing your incredible story and what has helped you! Check out the link to her socials and website below and read more about her on our guest contributors page.

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Check out her blog: edoneds.blogspot.com, on YouTube and Instagram at @ed_on_eds