Please Like Me - a fresh take on television.

CW: Suicide, Abortion. 

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Please Like Me. An Australian comedy television show with an honest and refreshing take on life. It explores issues including suicide, abortion, LGBT relationships, divorce and more in a humorous, engaging and real way.

The first season of Please Like Me, follows Josh (played by Australian Comedian, Josh Thomas, cowriter of the show) and his best friend Tom (played by Thomas Ward, cowriter also). Josh realises he is gay after his girlfriend Claire (played by Caitlin Stacey) breaks up with him. Meanwhile Josh deals with his mother's bipolar disorder after she is admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt. 

Please Like Me season 4 has just been released on the ABC in Australia, I don't want to spoil anything but this season is just as good as the last three. The series opener begins with a threesome, with his boyfriend Arnold. Josh is left upset and in denial when their gorgeous interloper is more into Arnold than him. 

Arnold is a complicated character full of depth and surprise. Through the seasons we've supported him as he came out to his adoptive parents, during his stay in a psychiatric hospital dealing with anxiety and alongside Josh.

Please Like Me's honest take on mental health is most refreshing. Josh draws on his own experience of his mother being unwell as well as a great deal of research to portray mental health in such a way which breaks down the stigma associated with mental health issues.

"My mum has been in a psychiatric hospital, so I have lived it. We also did a lot of research with the Melbourne Clinic and Black Dog in Australia. What we learnt is that Psychiatric Hospitals vary widely. Some are extreme, they can be terrifying. Some are quite lovely. The universal thing they have is that it’s a lot of people trying their best to be happy, which can be fucking challenging"

I seriously urge everyone to watch Please Like Me, it's uniquely Australian comedic take on life in a realistic, thought provoking and diverse way is enlightening, educating and highly entertaining. 

PS. One time someone said that I reminded them of a girl version of Josh Thomas and I personally couldn't think of a better compliment!

If you are in a crisis call 000, go to the hospital or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 in Australia. View links to worldwide crisis hotlines in the sidebar.