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Heya friends - I'm looking for guest contributors!

I’m looking for anyone who wants to share something on the blog or their story – you will of course be credited for your work and become a featured guest contributor or it can be kept anonymous. Maybe it can be something that’s been helpful for you in life or how you keep yourself healthy or something you’ve always wanted to say but haven’t had the opportunity or courage, maybe it’s your thoughts on the world at the moment or something that’s important to you like lgbtqia+ experiences or growing up with a particular culture. The blog centres mostly around mental health and wellness.

Send me a message and let me know a brief synopsis or email 

Entires are subject to approval of course and rules include no hate speech towards anyone or graphic recounts of experiences such as abuse, self harm or suicide which could be harmful/triggering to those who read it. These topics of course need to be talked about, but I’m dedicated to trying to do this in a non-triggering way to those currently going through a rough time in addition to starting each article with content warnings. Additionally, all articles need to be well written and researched.

I would love to show a diverse range of experiences, let me know if you’re interested! xxx