Around this time last year I began to really notice the changes in my mood that were the starting point of my mental illness journey. I can't even remember what it was like back then, or during the lowest moments of my illness - it all feels like a dream, like I watched all those moments from the outside- watching myself decline in mental and physical wellbeing. From where I am now I feel like none of that even happened. Still recovering and learning how to deal in the long term, as well as still being on medication, I now look at what has happened so far and it no longer makes me cry, it still hurts and it always will, but every day it is getting smaller and smaller in my mind. I am now sitting in a park in San Francisco, writing about the past- because here I am now exploring the world and figuring things out for myself, and forgetting for days what has been and gone. No matter how many people told me "it will get better" I never believed them, until now. I am me again, not the me I was before, or during my struggles, but an entirely new person who I was meant to become- better and stronger than I have ever been before- and each day moving further into the present and forgetting the past. 
Never allow yourself to believe that you are not capable of moving on. Although it takes time, it leads to you meeting incredible new people, making spontaneous but wonderful decisions, and maybe even travelling the world.