I have struggled with different manifestations of anxiety since I was a young child, yet during my senior year of high school my mental health suddenly derailed my life.  I was out of school for 4 months due to severe social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. It was after I came back to school that I realised that I want to use my story of the struggle of going through school with mental illness as a platform to encourage conversation about mental health amongst young people. 

I am a 19 year old mental health advocate, and college student working towards a masters with my psychiatric service dog in training, Huxley, by my side.  Although I am still undecided as to what career I want to do in the future I am currently looking to pursue a path in which I can help adolescents and young adults who are going through similar issues that I experienced. While I go through my college career I continue to fight the stigma of mental illness; even if I can just help one person reach out for help, or share their story, that is one more step towards ending the stigma. 

You are welcome to check out my Instagram @a_girl_and_2_dogs that chronicles the training of my service dog, mental health advocacy, and life with mental and chronic illness.